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How to Recover Forgotten Google Account Password?

Google Account Recovery


It is very difficult to remember every password and many times the user ends up forgetting the Google account password in that case recovery is the only option. In case you do not know then read the below guidelines and get recovery done in a simple and easy way also Google provides several ways to recover the account.


How to recover Google account?


Follow the below steps and get your account recovery done without any hassle.


  • The first step is to launch the browser and go to the Google account. Then in the box provided users need to enter the Email address and in the password box press on the forget password option located below it.
  • Enter all the information such as phone number and then your name and then Google will send the verification code in the provided phone number. Take note that this would not work if the user does will have access to their old number or even previous email address. Now proceed further.
  • User needs to pick either the phone number or email address, then choose the option which is accessible or choose to answer the security question. Insecurity question section certain answer to the question will have to be provided to the user.
  • The user will be now be promoted to the Google recovery page to reset the password.
  • After that generate a new password twice inbox on the screen and click on the continue button. Password will be changed and now the user can sign in with the new password. It is always advised to press on log out from all the devices.


These were the ways by which the user can easily recover forgotten Google account password. If more information is required on Google account recovery then speak to the customer care center and solve all the query or you can even send a mail if any doubts are there.