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How to Recover Google Account without Phone Number?

When you fail to log in to the Google account, then you can recover the account. The most common way to recover it is with the phone number. Though, sometimes person forgets the phone number or the registered phone number is no more active. So in this case, you can use another way to recover it.


Steps to recover the Google account without phone number


  • First, you have to go to the official login page of the Google
  • Here provide the details like login ID and next click on the forget password or recover the account
  • Now, you can see the different ways to recover the account, you have to choose the security questions that you have to answer. Now, you can do this by clicking on the try another way until you get the option for the security question
  • Once you give the answer, then click on the submit option. It will take a few minutes to recover it then you can see the entire new page for reset the password
  • Save the changes and then you can log in with the new account password


You can see how easy it is to do Google account recovery without Phone Number. For any complex situation, you can connect with the live person and get quick support from them.